Dodgers News: Several LA Minor Leaguers Taken in Rule 5 Draft

Few teams have the financial capacity like the Dodgers. Los Angeles has the ability to draw big-name free agents to the team in order to stay competitive. However, not every team has the money to do that. Instead, they have to rely on building up their farm system through drafting and developing young players. The Dodgers are built to do both which has been what’s allowed them to win 8 straight NL West Titles, 3 NL Pennants, and a World Series.

That much success comes with a cost. It’s no secret that the Dodgers have such a deep roster as well as a loaded farm system. While such a scenario is always good to have, MLB has instilled tradition that prevents teams from hoarding so much talent. That tradition is the Rule 5 Draft which takes place annually after the Winter Meetings. 

Players who were not put on the 40-man roster for protection and met the criteria were eligible for the draft. For more on how the Rule 5 Draft works.

The Dodgers being who they are were targeted heavily by other organizations on Thursday. Overall, 74 players were selected in this year’s draft, including 8 Minor leaguers (most of any team). Those 8 players are:

  • RHP Brett de Geus (No. 27 prospect), selected by the Rangers
  • RHP Jordan Sheffield, selected by the Rockies
  • RHP Shea Spitzbarth, selected by the Pirates
  • LHP Tyler Gilbert, selected by the D-backs
  • SS Errol Robinson, selected by the Reds
  • CF Chris Roller, selected by the Indians
  • 2B Drew Jackson, selected by the Mets
  • 2B Marcus Chiu, selected by the Marlins

The Dodgers had two picks in the Draft and selected:

  • C Ryan January from the D-backs
  • RHP Roimer Bolivar from the Rays

It’s unfortunate that the Dodgers lost the talent that they did. However, it gives those Minor leaguers the opportunity to advance even further than if they were still in the Dodgers organization. It’s also possible we may see some of these names back in the organization. Nonetheless, good luck to our former Dodgers and welcome to the newest members of the organization!

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