Dodgers News: Clayton Kershaw Hopes to Remain a Dodger for Life

When baseball fans think of the Dodgers today, the first name that pops up more times than not is Clayton Kershaw. The left-handed ace has been a part of the Dodgers organization his whole thirteen-year career. After checking off almost every accomplishment he can have as a pitcher, he was always missing the ultimate prize, a World Series.

Of course, that’s all changed this year as the Dodgers took down the Tampa Bay Rays to become the 2020 World Series Champions. There is no other Dodger that is more deserving of a title than Clayton Kershaw. The amount of time and work that he puts in to hone his craft is just unbelievable. His presence and wisdom in the clubhouse is also another bonus as the younger players can always pick his brain for advice.

While Kershaw will be back for next season, it will be the last year on his current extension that he signed back in 2018. However, while appearing on The Ellen Show, Clayton gave hope to Dodger fans everywhere when asked about remaining with the Dodgers for the foreseeable future. 

“I hope so. I don’t know what it holds, but I’ll be there next year for sure.”

Before his extension in 2018, there were talks throughout the baseball world that the Texas Rangers were an attractive landing spot for Clayton as he is a Dallas native. Although appealing, the factor of playing close to home was passed on. Instead, Kershaw has mentioned that LA is like a second home and that staying with the Dodgers gives him a chance to compete every year. 

There’s no doubt that many Dodger fans would welcome the re-signing of No. 22. It’s not too often you get to hold onto a once in a lifetime player such as himself.

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