Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw’s Legacy Should No Longer Be Questioned

Clayton Kershaw has been one of if not the best pitcher of his generation. Some can argue he may be one of the best left-handers all-time alongside Sandy Koufax. The southpaw has racked up accomplishments that many could only dream of.

An 8-time All-Star, 3 time Cy Young Award winner, an MVP, a Gold Glove, the list goes on and on. However, the one thing that has hindered people from calling him the greatest pitcher of all time was that elusive World Series title. That all changed Tuesday night as the Dodgers took down the Tampa Bay Rays in 6 games to give Kershaw his first taste of glory. 

After being the punch line of so many jokes and jabs towards his postseason performances, Clayton conquered those demons. He ended the playoffs with a 4-1 record followed by a 2.93 ERA. He proved to everyone that he can get the job done in the playoffs, especially when a team plays the game the right way. 

His reaction after the final out says it all. One of the greatest pitchers and human beings finally had his fairytale ending. His legacy should no longer be questioned by anyone and his place in the Baseball Hall of Fame is firmly cemented. Congratulations 22, this ring is long overdue!

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