Dodgers: LA’s 32-year Drought is Finally Over

32 years, it’s been a grueling 32 years since the Los Angeles Dodgers were last-named World Series champions. A lot has happened in those 3 plus decades. The Dodgers have tried multiple times to bring back a title to the City of Angels, but have always come up short, until now.

It’s no secret that 2020 has been an unforgettable year for everyone, but the Dodgers have eased the pain just a little. Despite the ongoing pandemic and the risk of getting sick, the hectic 60-game schedule with few off days, and the expanded playoffs that made the road longer for every team, the Dodgers took on the challenge head-on.

Many people have expressed concern whether the season would end in an asterisk next to the name of the team that won it all. Had someone asked that question in July, I would have been against the idea, especially since the Astros didn’t receive one next to their name. However, things have changed and the title should have an asterisk next to it to remind everyone of the difficultly and unusual circumstances that this season brought. Even though the meaning of today’s asterisks lean towards tainted awards, it has been used to point out the change of format or circumstances of a season. That’s exactly the case here.

While those words are 32 years old, they still ring true today. Los Angeles has struggled this year and was faced with the possibility of having no sports to help us through it all. Instead, the Dodgers and Lakers both brought home titles together for the first time since, well 1988. Boy is it great to say that. Maybe this season should hold an asterisk to celebrate this immense accomplishment. Whether it or not it does, it won’t be the last championship for the Dodgers.

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