Dodger News: Watch LA’s Newest Hype Video Ahead of World Series

Well, we’re back here again for the third time. The last two trips to the World Series didn’t pan out the way we all hoped. Instead, we were left with disappointment, pain, sadness, and anger. Despite the circumstances and results of the past, the Dodgers have the chance to wipe it all away this year.

While that may sound like a broken record to fans, don’t give up hope. This team is battle-tested and has taken down every single challenge that has appeared in front of them. They overcame injuries and struggling individuals throughout the regular season to seize the best record in the league. They bulldozed through the Milwaukee Brewers and silenced San Diego Padres. Then when all hope seemed lost, they stormed back to win three straight against the Atlanta Braves to reach the World Series. 

If those accomplishments don’t give you hope or those Mookie Betts highlight reels don’t energize you, then this Dodger Hype Video should undoubtedly get you ready for the final series of the season. 

The Tampa Bay Rays are a formidable team that still bears the marks of Andrew Friedman. However, Friedman’s Dodgers have the experience and determination to get the job done. After being denied all the glory over the past couple of years, this is truly their year. While Tampa will do anything to try and secure their first World Series, they might want to get out of the Dodgers way and try again next year.

Game 1 Details:

Tampa Bay Rays @ Los Angeles Dodgers

Tuesday, October 20th, @ 5:11 PM on FOX

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