Dodger News: Arlington Police Department Weighs in On Mookie Betts

It’s unfortunate that Dodger fans haven’t been able to watch the team in person this season. Most of us will not be able to make the trip out to Arlington, Texas to join the 12,000 or so fans for the upcoming World Series matchup against the Tampa Bay Rays. However, that may be a good thing as there have been reports of highway robbery during the NLCS. 

 The Arlington Police Department was asked to investigate the robbery cases involving Mookie Betts at Globe Life Field. Alright, it’s not what you think. Mookie was involved in a couple of robberies, but the good kind that we all love to see!

Obviously, we were talking about the robbery that Mookie Betts committed against the Atlanta Braves all series. The former MVP stole multiple runs from the Braves in highlight-reel plays that should stand the test of time. While the robbery was nothing to worry about (besides to Brave fans), the Arlington Police Department still offered their time to investigate the crime. 

How can you not be in awe of the athleticism of Mr. Mookie Betts? The man puts so much effort and detail into his craft even after already winning an MVP and World Series. If he’s done this now, just imagine what he can do in the World Series that starts on Tuesday. 

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