Dodgers News: Vin Scully Recalls His Involvement in Kirk Gibson’s Legendary At-bat


After decades of fans hearing the voice of Dodgers’ legendary broadcaster Vin Scully, it was certainly a sad time to see him step down and retire. Of course, we’ve once again been blessed with hearing his angelic voice through his entrance into the social media world. How wonderful it is to be able to sit and listen to him recall stories of his time in the booth. One story in particular showcases just how influential he was. 

Recently Scully posted a video to his Twitter about him telling the story of Kirk Gibson’s historic walk-off home run during Game 1 of the 1988 World Series. Gibson did not start the game due to injuries to both of his legs. However, Vin reveals how his words during the broadcast angered Gibson enough to come out of the clubhouse and step into the batter’s box. 

Gibson who could barely walk let alone swing, hobbled into the box as a pinch hitter and fought off pitch after pitch. Finally, after forcing the count to 3-2 with a runner on second and down 4-3 with two outs in the ninth inning, Gibson cemented himself not only into Los Angeles sports history but baseball history. He hammered a ball to right field and performed his iconic fist pumps while rounding second base.

To end his video, Scully shared what he’s told Gibson about the event. 

“I’ve always kidded Kirk. I’ve always told him if I hadn’t said that and stimulated him, made him angry to swear at the television, that might be my greatest contribution to that night and that World Series.”

There’s no doubt that it probably was one of the greatest contributions that Scully has had, but there are just so many by him over the years to even go there. The man has a way with words. Whether it be energizing an outstanding play, vividly recalling stories, or firing up a player to create a legendary moment.

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