Dodgers News: MLB Fails Again After Assigning Angel Hernandez to Dodgers-Padres NLDS

In undoubtedly the biggest series for the Dodgers this season, MLB found a way to do what it does best, ruin baseball. The umpire crew for the Dodgers-Padres NLDS has been released and it contains an old “friend” that could cause some major drama. That person is Angel Hernandez, who has built up a reputation for being the worst umpire in the league. 

Both Dodger and Padres fans have taken to Twitter to express their feelings on the situation, and boy did they not hold back. Fans of other teams have also joined in to express their condolences.

It’s a surprising move by MLB to add Hernandez as he wasn’t included in any of the Wild Card Series. He’s slated to be at first base during Game 1 where he’s blown many calls in the past. You know it’s an issue when the whole league knows your name and you have a YouTube compilation made of you.

Although replay can help with the calls at 1st base, Hernandez is also scheduled to be behind the plate during Game 2. Clayton Kershaw is pegged to start during that game which raises concerns on whether it could impact what kind of game he has. Or it could work in his favor but backfire on the offense just as easily.  What we do know for sure is that this will add to an already drama-filled series. And while LA and SD fans have had their disagreements this season, we can all agree Hernandez shouldn’t be a part of the umpire crew. 


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