Dodgers News: George Lombard Has Been Eyed by the Tigers for Their Managerial Position

One of the most underrated parts of great teams is the coaching staff. Because even with talented players, the individuals who call the shots have a lot to say about the overall product on the field. This has been the case for the Dodgers, who have continuously found quality coaches to surround and compliment Dave Roberts since his tenure began back in 2016.

It now appears that one of their current assistant coaches has caught the eye of the rebuilding Detroit Tigers, an organization that could use some new leadership and stability.

You can’t fault the Tigers for wanting to steal away George Lombard, who has been a favorite of Dodgers players during his 5 years tenure with the team. He is someone who gained the respect of the room right away and has thrived as a first-time base coach with the Dodgers.

Should Lombard take the managerial vacancy with the Tigers or with another club, that would make him the third Dodgers assistant coach to make the leap under Dave Roberts. The previous two, Chris Woodward (Texas Rangers) and Gabe Kapler (Philidelphia Phillies and SF Giants), were also heavily sought after during their time with the Dodgers.

While losing key coaches is always tough, the Dodgers have shown a remarkable ability to replace them with suitable replacements rather quickly. As much as we don’t want to lose a coach like George Lombard, he has earned the right to see where he can further his impact and we wish him well regardless of what he decides to do. For now, all we know is that his focus is on winning a title with LA, not Detroit.

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