Dodgers News: LA to Host Virtual Clinch Celebration for Fans

2020 almost brought us a year without Dodger baseball or any baseball for that matter. Thankfully, the sport we hold so near and dear to our hearts fought for its ability to play out a shortened season. Unfortunately, it had to continue on without the presence of fans filling in the seats eating hotdogs and nachos, or creating a wave that swept the throughout the stadium.

While the year hasn’t completely prevented us from watching the Boys in Blue, it will certainly prevent any fans from celebrating an 8th straight NL West title in person. MLB has also come out and said that the league will adhere to its COVID-19 protocol and prohibit the traditional alcohol celebration. However, the Dodgers understand the importance of celebrating a stepping stone such as this with their loyal supporters and have come up with a way to involve the fanbase. The Dodgers have partnered with Bank of America to hold a virtual clinch celebration to help cheer on and celebrate with the team.

The Magic number sits at 2 heading into Tuesday’s game against the Oakland Athletics. The team could possibly clinch today at the earliest with a win and a Padres loss. Whether it happens today or within the next couple of days, fans should sign up as soon as possible with the limited number of spots available. So if you’re a passionate and die-hard Dodger fan, register for the event and keep an eye out for an email before the next Dodger win.

Next up for the Dodgers

Tuesday, September 22, Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Oakland Athletics @ 6:40 PM on ESPN


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