Dodgers News: What Mookie Betts’ Pending Extension Means

The length of Mookie Betts’ stay in Los Angeles has been a question since the Dodgers acquired him in the off-season. Today, the club appears close to providing an answer.

The contract extension is reported to be around $350 million over ten years. If the contract comes to fruition, Betts would become the second-highest-paid position player in the league behind Mike Trout ($35.5 million/year). The contract would be a bold move from a front office that isn’t known for offering long extensions. The longest contract on the books belongs to David Price, who is halfway through his 7-year contract from his time in Boston.

A long-term extension with Betts means a number of things for the boys in blue. It means that years of searching for consistency in the batting order could finally see some resolution. In just two exhibition games, Betts went 3-for-6 with a walk and a home run, showing potential for a patient and potent leadoff hitter. While no one can replace Yasiel Puig’s Wild Horse personality in right field, putting a 4-time Gold Glover in Betts there would make for a great defensive fixture.

Putting his on-the-field upside to the side, Betts makes for a great clubhouse presence, especially in the long term. In an organization filled with young talent, Betts’ leadership and talent can serve as a mentoring guide for years to come. Plus, he’s already hit it off with the guys, young and veteran, on the team.

Some can make the argument that the contract comes a bit premature, considering he hasn’t played a regular-season game in Dodger blue yet. Otherwise might say they’re investing in a blue-chip stock. Regardless, it is still too early to tell. The news of a contract extension calms the Dodger waters in a season that already appears tumultuous. Until then, we can all look forward to seeing some long overdue Dodger baseball tomorrow.

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