Dodgers News: MLB All-Star Game 2022 At Dodger Stadium? It Could Happen

The last time an MLB All-Star Game was in Los Angeles was in 1980. No, the ASG in Anaheim in 2010 does not count… hence Anaheim… cough cough. Many southern California fans were dying to see this game and the festivities that come with it. Sadly, with the pandemic were in the possibility of the 2020 ASG at Dodger Stadium with fans is mega-unlikely.

The 2020 ASG was scheduled to be at Dodger Stadium on July 14 but following the delay of the season, it’s not happening. Even though MLB hasn’t officially canceled the game, I think we all know they will eventually. But, some good news does come from it. There are reports that MLB officials are completing the 2020 MLB season schedule AND working on a new date for a Dodger Stadium All-Star Game.

For those fans asking why can’t Dodger Stadium host the 2021 ASG? well, that answer is simple, it has already been awarded to the Atlanta Braves. So far MLB has only announced 2021 and 2026 which is already headed to Philadelphia.

League officials have already been notified that the Los Angeles Convention Center, which was the intended site of the fan festival, has a much wider availability for 2022 than the following years. Also a win for fans!

It would only seem fair that MLB awards Los Angeles with the 2022 All-Star Game. Make it happen MLB.

2 thoughts on “Dodgers News: MLB All-Star Game 2022 At Dodger Stadium? It Could Happen”

  1. 60 games to win another division but if the Dodgers don’t win it all, Davey Robots aka Dr Blunder MUST BE FIRED.!!!

    • Hey George! At this point in baseball, anything can happen. Hell, even the Marlins can make a splash at this point with such a small season. I don’t believe Roberts will be going anywhere for a while, but I do share your frustrations. Then again we have been cheated out of a few things lately….

      – Ed


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