Dodgers News: Former LA Outfielder Andrew Toles Makes Unfortunate Headline

During his rookie season in 2016, Andrew Toles was quick to turn the heads of his teammates and the Dodger faithful. It took a big, game-winning swing in Colorado to finally reach the top of a mountain that appeared too perilous to climb.

Unfortunately for Toles, the uphill battle wages on.

Toles was arrested Monday morning on a misdemeanor charge of trespassing for sleeping behind the Key West Airport. Police asked him to leave the premises several times before arresting him. He awaits his day in court before County Judge Perry Fowler on July 2nd. His bond is set at $500.

According to the Miami Herald, the police listed his address as the “Streets of Key West.”

Despite the delay and now (supposed) resumption of the MLB season, hundreds of minor leaguers drew the short end of the stick. Hundreds of minor leaguers were released by various MLB clubs. While the Dodgers committed to helping out their farm system, along with the added generosity of players like David Price, players with professional and personal struggles like Toles are seeing new lows.

A promising prospect for Los Angeles, Toles’ energetic and goofy persona in the clubhouse translated to the field making him a fan favorite in 2016. His quick impression on the hearts of Dodger fans made it all the more difficult to see his sophomore season cut short by an ACL tear that required season-ending surgery in April of 2017.

He spent most of 2018 rehabbing in Oklahoma City before joining the team in July on their way back to World Series. After the club reported he was dealing with “personal issues,” Toles did not return to the roster for the 2019 season.

Since then, Andrew Toles remains a name that lingers on the tongues of Dodger fans. A name that fans long to see in the Dodger lineup sometime soon.

It is difficult to see people with great potential endure such struggles. However, for a man who has weathered severe storms in his life, Andrew Alvin Toles ought to know he isn’t wading these troubled waters alone. I think I speak on behalf of Dodger fans when I say that we all wish him well and hope he receives the help he needs.

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