LA Roundup: Dodgers Players Are Ready to Play Some Baseball, SoFi Stadium Updates, and More!

It’s been talked about every single day for the past 3 months. Fans, players, and owners alike have all grown tired of the constant back and forth with nothing to show for it. And on Saturday morning, that all came to a sudden but completely expected end. the MLBPA officially announce that they would not be making any further attempts to negotiate a season and would instead wait for the league to tell them “when and where” to play. While this may mean that we don’t receive a season longer than 50 games, it does mean that baseball can finally find a way forward. All that remains to be seen is what Commissioner Manfred will decide is a fair number of games for the 2020 season. Plenty of Dodgers players shared their excitement to finally get down to business, even if it comes in the form of a shortened season. Hopefully, they get the chance to prove that they were rightfully considered the favorites to win it all this year.

The Rams and Chargers have been patiently waiting for their new home to be completed, and it seems to be reaching the final stretch of construction. SoFi Stadium has been a slow process, but the product looks to be worth the wait! Youtuber John Kay gave us another great look at the most recent additions, including new plants and trees that are being planted around the property. With the entire project expected to be done in time for the season, the final touches are coming together and they look incredible. Now we wait to see if fans will get to enjoy the new accommodations this season.

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