Dodgers News: New Video Shows A Behind-The-Scenes Look At The New Outfield Upgrades

The 2020 Dodger season was getting closer and it didn’t look as if the construction of the stadium’s new outfield was going to be ready in time. At least in my eyes it wasn’t going to be. It seems as if workers had a lot to get done in such little time. Just when we were all getting ready of Dodgers Baseball…the pandemic hit.

The coronavirus is the reason life around us stopped and that included sports as well. It hurt seeing baseball get postponed. I’m still crying a little bit every day, I’m sure I’m not the only one. But, there’s some good news coming out of all this mess. The stadium will most likely be ready when baseball is ready to come back. Hooray!

A few days ago, Dodgers executive chef Ryan Evans of Levy Restaurants posted a behind-the-scenes video showcasing some of the new additions to the outfield area. It looks amazing!

As the video starts, you can clearly see that the new concessions areas are looking pretty good and the landscaping is getting a great facelift. The entrance gates appear to be dab in the middle of all this as the frames are up. Shaded areas for what looks to be for the portable bars or even for the marketing/guest services area. We all know the Los Angeles Times newspaper booth where they bribe us with those so hard to resist hoodies in return to sign up for the paper (lol).

Next, Evans flips around and we get a great view of the diamond from the area in which he’s standing. It’s crazy to know that there is now an area to walk around under the outfield signs. There’s even a standing area that’s easily compared to the ones on the other levels with a view of the field where you can eat and watch.

Evans continues to walk onto a what? A catwalk?! Whoa.

Fans can now, from what it looks like, walk from one Pavillion to the other with a better view from the bullpens on each end. Evans then begins to walk down the steps from the left-field pavilion which is odd as well. I’m so used to getting to my outfield seats from under the bleachers or even the sides. The different feel is going to get some time to get used to.

With the 2020 season still up in the air, Dodger fans like myself can only sit and wait. I believe that baseball will be back and with the new proposals that the MLB presented to the MLBPA just recently, it’s only a matter of time before we can hear the crack of that bat again.

Like many fans, Dodger Stadium is a second home. We go there to have fun, enjoy the game so many love, and to be part of the greatest fan base in the world. So much history has been made on the patch of grass we all come to see, more is to come for sure. It is inevitable. When I come here to watch games, there’s a certain tradition and unity amongst people. It’s an escape from whatever stresses in life we have and to kind of use a line from a famous Vin (sorry not Scully, but I love him too)… for those 9 innings or more, we’re free.

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