Dodgers: Commissioner Confirms Games Will Be Pushed Back Further

Dodgers fans are once again going to be very disappointed. In a conference call today with team owners, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred confirmed the worst with teams. Games will not begin at the previously anticipated date of April 9th. 

Opening Day for the Dodgers had originally been pushed back from March 26th, to somewhere around April 9th due to the coronavirus. It is now looking like that was never truly an option, but rather a way to gain time to figure things out. 

As has been the case for the last couple of days, things are changing VERY rapidly. This time last week, there was no doubt in the minds of MLB executives that we would have baseball in March. Flash forward just a few days and essentially every sport in the world is shut down. Dodgers fans are feeling it, as any sort of gather in Los Angeles seems to be banned. 

If baseball is not able to get started soon, it remains to be seen how the league plans on playing the entire season. There have been talks about pushing the season into November, but even that creates scheduling conflicts with football. It seems more likely every day that we will see fewer games played in 2020 as a result.  

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