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Dodgers: Mario Lopez Reacts To Houston Astros’ Weak Punishment

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Since I am in my mid-30’s, I feel entitled to write this post. When I was a youngster, Saved By The Bell was probably my favorite show. Therefore, I’m happy to welcome ‘A.C. Slater’ Mario Lopez into the Los Angeles Dodgers’ fraternity of fandom.

On Monday, Lopez had one of the more passionate rants on social media in reaction to the Houston Astros’ cheating scandal. And if you think that Lopez is joking, he’s really not. Keep in mind that Lopez is seen at Dodger Stadium at least a dozen times a year. The guy loves his Dodgers, and loves baseball. Let’s have a look at Lopez who was not enjoying his day at Universal Studios.

First Lopez starts with a bang, letting us know he’s really fired up at the huge news that had just come down from the commissioner’s office.

“I’m really fired up today. All my Dodgers fans out there know what I’m talking about. The Houston Astros just got pinched officially. Those cheating rat bastards used technology to steal signs.”

Then Lopez goes in hard. He doesn’t want baseball to stop with the sanctions imposed of draft picks, suspensions, and fines. No, he wants the hardware. Lopez says to take the rings away!

“They are suspending the GM and the manager for a year, and fining them $5 million dollars; taking away draft picks. But that’s too light! It’s too light! They need to take away the rings.”

For a moment, it felt like the guy who grew up at Bayside High calling Zach Morris ‘preppy’. However, Lopez has a point. It’s a worthwhile discussion – and when others ask me if I think the Astros should have to forfeit their title – I don’t know how to feel or how to answer it.

Equally important, that’s a problem for baseball. What do you think? Do you agree with Lopez that the Astros should have to turn in their rings? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below.

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