Dodgers: Gavin Lux Goes Through Workout Routine in New YouTube Video

After a huge 2019 season — even though he only spent a month with the big club — Dodgers rookie second baseman Gavin Lux has fans excited to see what he can do with a full season in the big leagues.

As we know, the cliché of “no days off” is thrown around often these days. However, Lux is showing that he means it when he says he’s putting in work this off-season. To help prove it even more, and give a little insight into his workout routine — at least when he’s home in Wisconsin.


Import note: his hair stayed perfect during the whole workout.

Joking aside, the 21 year-old created a bit of buzz when he announced his new YouTube channel earlier in the off-season. After his first upload, you wondered what exactly this channel would be all about. Now we see this small view into his world back home.

As the off-season trudges on, and Gavin undoubtedly sees his name lumped in trade rumors once again, he appears to be doing the right thing with his time… putting his head down and grinding.