Clippers News: Top Candidates for Head Coach Vacancy, Rivers Speaks Out

It’s been over a week since Steve Ballmer decided to part ways with former head coach Doc Rivers and take the team in a different direction. The Clippers had one of, if not, the deepest team in the league and were favorites to reach the NBA Finals and win it all. Of course, that all fell apart in the bubble, leading to the shift of the team’s future. 

The team has been linked to a handful of names who could potentially fill the head coach vacancy. Mike Brown, who has previously served as a head coach with the Cleveland Cavaliers and rival Los Angeles Lakers, is a name that has been floating out there. Meanwhile, Milwaukee Bucks assistant coach Darvin Ham is set to interview with the team sometime this week. Of course, there’s also Clippers’ assistant coach, Tyronn Lue, who is seen as the most likely candidate to receive the job. 

While the Clippers are still searching for their next leader, it didn’t take Doc too long to find a new home. Just three days after he and LA parted ways, it was announced that the Philadelphia 76ers had made him their new head coach. Rivers told the media that the talent that Philly has is what ultimately drew him there.

When asked about his feelings towards the Clippers’ devastating blown lead, Rivers stated that he was disappointed that they couldn’t close out the series.

One response, in particular, did not sit well with many Clipper fans as it seems Doc may have taken a little jab at his former team. 

“I’m always changing. I’m always looking for different staff. I don’t think you can ever stop growing as a coach or as a person. It’s a fact: If we’re gonna win, you just can’t keep doing what you’ve always done and think you’re gonna get different results. You have to do something different. You have to give yourself to the team.” 

His statement of changing the norm in order to win seems a little late as many fans blame his lack of in-game substitutions and use of the roster for their meltdown. Whether or not he was acknowledging his failure or shifting the blame, it left a bad taste in the mouths of LA fans. 

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