Chargers: Fans Have Had Enough of Anthony Lynn

We all know of the motto in sports that when one fails, the whole team fails. That’s especially true in football where one mistake can cost the game. Whether it be a blown coverage, a missed tackle, or a fumble, they all carry significant weight. While the Chargers have had plenty of miscues from individuals, one person has risen above all else. 

Chargers fans should know all too well that the individual is head coach Anthony Lynn. Lynn has been on the hot seat for many fans throughout this whole season. Yes, Los Angeles has had problems with their defense and has dealt with injuries up and down their roster. The team as a whole has disappointed at times. However, Lynn’s acknowledgment of the issues with little change game in and game out is starting to show his limitations as a coach.

Usually, a coach opts to put his team in the best position possible to win, yet Lynn hasn’t always done that this season. Early on he refused to name Justin Herbert despite a poor opening game from Tyrod Taylor as well as a chest injury. Lynn’s playing calling has also been very controversial, especially during Sunday’s game against the Bills. No matter the issue, fans have had enough.

Even fans in Germany have joined in on the festivities.

After such a poor showing so far this season and under so much heat from fans, it’s surprising to see Lynn still at the helm. There’s no denying that he has been one of the biggest problems for the Bolts this year. If he is still around come the offseason, expect a huge uproar from every Chargers fan in the world.

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