Chargers: Austin Ekeler Activated Off of Injury Reserve List

The Chargers are fading out of the playoff picture, but reinforcements are on the way in the form of Austin Ekeler.

After going down in Week 4 with a hamstring injury, fans were left wondering if Ekeler would be out for only a few weeks or for the remainder of the season. The early estimate placed his recovery timeline somewhere around 4-6 weeks, but he quickly blew past those estimates.

Now, 8 weeks later, it seems as if his return has finally arrived as the team announced his activation on their social account.

Now that his activation has been confirmed, the Chargers will have a 21-day window to get him back on the active roster. With this being the case, it isn’t a certainty that Ekekler will be back on the field in tomorrow’s matchup against the Bills. Judging from Austin’s Twitter post from earlier this week, however, he’s ready to go.

Sunday’s matchup against the Buffalo Bills will be a great measuring stick for a young Chargers team, and Ekeler’s availability would only add to the intrigue.

Expect the team to ease him back into action until he shows he’s able to handle the same workload that netted him a 4-year $24.5 million contract in the offseason.

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