Chargers News: Desmond King Traded to Titans for Draft Pick

Desmond King’s exclusion from the active roster on Sunday left many unanswered questions. Though King was healthy enough to play in the Chargers’ game against the Denver Broncos, Anthony Lynn had stated that it was a “team decision” that Desmond sit out. 

The drama surrounding the situation has been growing since 2019 when there were reported issues between King and team staff members. King also has been the author of various unhappy and questionable tweets. 

There’s no denying that Desmond King had become a distraction to the team and thus had to go. Early Monday morning, it was reported that the Chargers were shopping King ahead of the league’s November 3rd trade deadline. Well, the Chargers have found a match as they will be sending King to the Tennessee Titans in exchange for a 6th round draft pick.

Although trading the defensive back may have seemed like the best move for the team, it doesn’t bode well for the defense. Los Angeles’s defense has been horrendous this year giving up leads late in the game on multiple occasions. While King may have not been the piece to help turn it all around, subtracting him from the field doesn’t help at all either. 

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