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Gail Johnson


Dodgers: Top 5 Starting Pitchers of the Last 10 Seasons

This week we posed the question on Twitter as to who would be in your starting rotation out of all of the quality starting pitchers the Dodgers have sent to the mound over the last 10 years. Who is your Dodgers All-Decade (2010-2019) starting rotation? We're looking for good reasons to embed into our […] More

Dodgers Nation: How to Combat Social Distancing

One of the most interesting, entertaining and most surprising aspects of becoming a Dodgers fan is the ever-growing social media community that I’ve encountered over the last 7 years with its unique cast of characters, different perspectives and degrees of passion for our team. Human beings are not all built the same so the online […] More

Dodgers Twitter Watch Party: The 1988 Kirk Gibson Game

For this fan, Dodgers baseball is so much more than the game in the field; it’s the community and the connection with people from all walks of life who all share a passion for the team. And like everyone else, while the world is on pause, I have been missing that connection more than words […] More

The Dodgers and Baseball: We Need You

Like anyone my age, regardless of life path or background, I’ve lived a life full of ups and downs. It’s only been in my 40’s that I’ve been able to face those challenges with the right amount of strength and perspective, and this maturity, I feel, has even helped me thrive and become stronger the […] More

Dodgers: Andrew Friedman Confirms Mark Prior as New Pitching Coach

Jorge Castillo of the LA Times confirmed on Tuesday that Mark Prior will assume the role of pitching coach for the Dodgers. Moreover, President of Baseball Operations Andrew Freidman was the man who informed Castillo. An earlier LA Times report from @jorgecastillo has Andrew Friedman confirming that Mark Prior will replace Rick Honeycutt as pitching […] More

Latest news

Dodgers: MLB May Have a New Date for Opening Day Circled on its Calendar

Dodgers fans are used to Opening Day being placed in March or at the very least a home opener in April. The coronavirus has put a temporary hold on that though, leaving fans to wonder when we will finally get to see baseball. As it turns out, the league is considering one holiday in particular […] More

Dodgers: 2019 Playoff Baseballs Were De-Juiced, According to New Study

Between the Astros and Red Sox investigations, controversial new rule changes, and the COVID-19 pandemic, Rob Manfred and the commissioner’s office have had their hands full these past few months. Another new story came to light Tuesday morning, this one regarding the baseballs in the 2019 postseason. *juiced baseball scoop!*so, those funky balls from the […] More

Lakers News: Los Angeles Players Symptom Free After Positive Tests

The Lakers look to be making out okay after two players tested positive for COVID-19 a few weeks back. The team completed their 14-day...

MLB News: Baseball Has a Decision on Minor League Pay During Hiatus

MLB is making things right with their players in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. After agreeing to player-friendly deals with the player’s union in regards to service time, the pay of minor league players was the next thing to be discussed. As it turns out, the league is more than willing to work with […] More

Dodgers: Justin Turner and Joc Pederson Affected by New MLB Agreement

It might be one of the most difficult times in history to be a Dodgers fan right now. Even more than losing back-to-back World Series, the last six months have been wild for fans in Los Angeles. The Astros cheating scandal just reminded us that we should have had our first championship since 1988, and […] More
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