Dodgers: MLB Looking at Games in Empty Spring Training Parks

At this point in what would have been the regular season, the league has to consider every option to get games going. That’s what Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts said earlier this week, and it rings true with the latest news. The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal reports that MLB is looking into using Spring Training facilities to […] More

MLB News: Astros Player Issues An Expletive Laden Apology

Astros players have finally realized the error of their ways and have started apologizing. Unfortunately, it’s been the former players that have started to speak up, not players currently on the team. Former Astros’ catcher Evan Gattis went onto a podcast on The Atheltic the other day and spoke about his part in the cheating […] More

Dodgers: Stan Kasten Confirms Stadium Renovation Details

Questions around the Dodgers’ renovations at the stadium have started to pop up amid concerns over COVID-19. With rules popping up city-to-city that dictate crowd size and essential employees, fans started to wonder whether or not construction could continue. Dodgers’ team President Stan Kasten spoke on those renovations and the guidelines under which they are […] More

MLB News: COVID-19 Could Cost Baseball A Ton of Money

The coronavirus pandemic that has swept across the globe has cost people more than just money. Lives have been taken and ways of life completely lost. The monetary aspect of the pandemic also cannot be overlooked. In the MLB in particular, we could be seeing one of the biggest hits to the league’s value in […] More

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