Dodgers: The Most Overpaid Players of the Decade

Sometimes, players do not earn the money that they make in a given year. And what better time to do a deep-dive into wasted money than during a pandemic, right? We take a look at the most overpaid Dodgers over the last ten years, taking it year-by-year. Let us preface this by pointing out that […] More

MLB News: Astros Player Issues An Expletive Laden Apology

Astros players have finally realized the error of their ways and have started apologizing. Unfortunately, it’s been the former players that have started to speak up, not players currently on the team. Former Astros’ catcher Evan Gattis went onto a podcast on The Atheltic the other day and spoke about his part in the cheating […] More

MLB News: Astros Player Issues A Profanity-Laced Apology


The good news is that Astros players are slowly starting to issue apologies for their part in a cheating scandal. The bad news is that while we do have another one, it’s just another former player. That means that there have been two former players to apologize while current players remain silent. Evan Gattis went … Read more

Lakers News: Part-Owner Does His Part To Combat Coronavirus


Los Angeles has been one of the hotbeds for the coronavirus, even though officials acted quickly in getting people inside. New cases pop up every day, with no signs of improvement. In fact, most experts predict that Los Angeles is still three weeks out from its worst day of the virus. But that has not … Read more

Dodgers: Justin Turner Suggests Homerun Derby to Decide Extra-Inning Games

Everything is on the table for when baseball finally returns. It’s inevitable that the game we all know will be changed entirely for this season given the circumstances in the world. Things about the game will need to change, schedules will need to be moved, and processes updated. The Dodgers’ Justin Turner has his own […] More

Dodgers: Stan Kasten Confirms Stadium Renovation Details

Questions around the Dodgers’ renovations at the stadium have started to pop up amid concerns over COVID-19. With rules popping up city-to-city that dictate crowd size and essential employees, fans started to wonder whether or not construction could continue. Dodgers’ team President Stan Kasten spoke on those renovations and the guidelines under which they are […] More

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