It’s the story that isn’t a lot of fun to acknowledge, let alone write about. Still, it must be covered. Of course we are talking about Julio Urias – who was placed on administrative leave by Major League Baseball on Tuesday afternoon.

Now, Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts discusses with Alanna Rizzo what it’s like to have this happen to one of your players.

Moreover, Rizzo asked Roberts what his statement was about the situation.

“I think that right now, Major League Baseball is going through their process. And trying to get all the facts – get as much information as they can. Right now, we’re going to kind of stand pat and let the process run it’s course.”

While seeming uncomfortable, Roberts reviewed the player being recalled from AAA Oklahoma City; J.T. Chargois.

Roberts indicated that the Dodgers are in an information gathering stage themselves.

“Each day that goes by, then we’ll know more information.”

Indeed, this is one of those fluid situations in which the smallest of details could change something within a future storyline. Without question, it’s an unfortunate break for the Dodgers who have had trouble getting their sea-legs underneath them within the bullpen in 2019.

However – if there’s one thing that can be said for Dave Roberts – it’s been his ability to weather catastrophe since 2016. Perhaps there is no manager better suited within the game than Roberts to rally his clubhouse and carry a team forward.

That’s one storyline I haven’t seen tweeted about yet. And it’s worth mentioning. Each year since Roberts’ tenure began, the Dodgers have faced extreme obstacles of adversity. All Roberts has done in that time is take the Dodgers to an NLCS, and then two World Series berths.

They have the right man at the helm for this position.

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